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Paying for a specific product is hassle free in most of the place these days. Some stores or company offer cards which can be used only to buy products from their own store. Thus for a regular customer using those cards are very cost effective. This is a great way to advertise as well. When a company observes they are getting popularity day by day they offer such programs which does not only keep existing users intact but draws attention of other customers to join them. Most of the times they offer discounts or rewards only to own customers. EBT stands for Electric Benefit Transfer which offers credit card to buy food stamp benefits from specific stores or shops. They do not allow customers to buy other products and thus their issued card is not applicable to buy other nonfood. To get their facility you have to register at

Activities of EBT:

EBT service is available in most of the cities of USA. As mentioned earlier EBT service is only valid for food service across the states in USA. Already they have become a popular brand and govt. program like TNAF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is using EBT to pay for food stamp. EBT card is similar to credit card issued by different bank but it limited features and usage. You can’t use this card anywhere rather only while buying foods from stores. By Food it only means healthy food and not any alcoholic or tobacco. They want to make sure customers use them for good cause and thus do not allow anything which is harmful for health.

Where can I use EBT card?

There are quite a few numbers of shops where you are eligible of using this card without any hesitation. They have selected grocery or food shop and merchants that support their card. When you pay them funds will automatically debited from your account. Most of the ATM machines also accept this card to withdraw funds. If you are an existing cardholder you will get user ID and password which need to preserve safe. They offer online service and thus need this information to put every time to login. You can check balance and transaction history with online service. They are more active in 10 different states of United States including Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma etc. To check the full list along with other privacy policy visit

It is important to know what EBT is actually offering. They are not available for every service. Thus this company or the associate card is only targeting a specific audience. If you are recipients of food stamp, only apply for this card which offers a lot with less cost. The card is advanced, fast and secured just like other credit cards. Online service of EBT does offer many facilities without any further cost. Thus you should go for this card for a decent and professional service.

For further information, refer to the EBT Card Online Help at:

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